Russel Brantman, PhD



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Former Vice President
Airbag Systems



(813) 977-8877

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25 Years Industry Experience – Occupant and Vehicle Safety Engineering

Airbag System Design & Development

Airbag Sensor System Analysis

Performance & Environmental Testing

Total Restraint System Optimization

Product Safety & Risk Analysis

Production Quality Assurance


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND:    Vehicle Structures & Dynamics

(Graduated 1st in the Department; Awarded Full Tuition Undergrad & Graduate Fellowships)

l        BS in Aeronautical Engineering,        New York University,        6/67

l        MS in Aeronautical Engineering,       New York University,        2/69

l        Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics,       New York University,        7/73


l        6 Occupant Restraint System Technology Patents

l        Contributing Author – SAE Recommended Practices for Inflatable Restraints

l        Over 50 Journal Papers, Technical Reports, and Formal Presentations


12/98 – Present:    CONSULTANT – Occupant & Vehicle Safety

12/83 – 12/98:       BREED TECHNOLOGIES, Lakeland FL

l        Vice President – Airbag Systems (6/87 – 12/98)

l        Chief Analyst and Director – Airbag System Design (12/83 – 6/87)

As Vice President of Airbag Systems at Breed Technologies, helped take the company from a $5M producer of Sensors to a $500M producer of Airbag Restraint Systems. Joined Breed in 1983 as part of a 5-person team (including Allen Breed – President & Founder) dedicated to developing and advancing airbag occupant restraint systems. In 1987 was promoted to Vice President with total systems responsibility. This included the following:

n        Airbag System Design and Test Dept: Created and directed Breed's airbag system design and test department. Implemented simulation modeling, high speed video analysis, component performance testing, OOPO testing, sled & barrier crash test procedures, and environmental & durability test specifications.

n        New Restraint System Concepts / Applications / Designs: Evaluated new concepts and new customer applications. Conducted brainstorming sessions. Provided overall technical direction and established design & testing requirements for vehicle applications.

n        Airbag Sensor System Analysis: Analyzed sensor system performance. Specified timing requirements. Directed calibrations for Asian market all-mechanical airbag systems.

n        Smart Airbag System Methodology: Formulated corporate smart airbag methodology using a building block approach that systematically addressed each group at risk.

n        Worldwide Technical Marketing: Visited potential clients worldwide, presenting Breed's products, system design capabilities, feasibility studies, and analysis results.

n        Total Vehicle Restraint System Optimization: Developed technical guidelines for vehicle crash pulse, airbag sensor timing, occupant & compartment restraint geometry, airbag & seatbelt combined performance & energy mgmt, steering column & knee bolster energy absorption, airbag module design, inflator performance limits, and OOPO considerations.

n        Engineering Design & Manufacturing Process Review: Conducted reviews to evaluate designs & processes for system performance tolerance, critical parameters, robustness, and failure modes & prevention.

n        LAT-CCT Quality Assurance: Developed sampling & testing specifications, acceptance criteria, and non-conformance control & evaluation procedures.

n        Production Mistake-Proofing & Trouble-Shooting: Created multi-disciplinary Action Team, and implemented systematic analysis procedures and checklists. The team successfully resolved production problems and mistake-proofed critical operations.

n        Product Safety and Field Risk Analyses: Provided technical supervision and customer interface on critical 8D's. Established technical & statistical approaches and defined testing & data requirements. Evaluated field risk, containment, and remedial actions.

6/74 – 12/83:           U.S. DOT / TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS CENTER (TSC)

                                   Structures & Dynamics Division, Cambridge MA

l        Coordinator – Dynamics Projects (GS-14)

As Coordinator of Dynamics Projects at the U.S. DOT / Transportation Systems Center, was responsible for supporting NHTSA, UMTA, and FRA on R&D programs at the forefront of national interest in automotive vehicle safety and crashworthiness – including cars, buses, and trains. Received the DirectorÕs Award for Outstanding Achievement, and was nominated for the Arthur S. Flemming Award for Outstanding Young Professionals in Federal Service. Specific responsibilities included:

n        Vehicle Crashworthiness Analyses                   n     Vehicle Dynamic Testing

n        Track / Train Derailment Mechanics               n     Simulation Modeling

                                                       Prior Experience

n        Fairchild-Hiller – Helicopter Design                  n     NYU – ME Instructor


3.1       PATENTS        (Occupant Restraint System Technology)

n        GRANT DATE        PATENT #             PATENT NAME

         7/99                5,924,723             Side Safety Barrier Device

       12/97                5,695,242             Seat Cushion Restraint System

         5/96                5,513,879             Two Stage Inflator with Module Venting for Passenger Side Airbag

         5/95                5,419,585             Retrofit Vehicular Steering Wheel Assembly Having an Airbag Assembly

         9/94                5,348,340             An Improved Airbag Assembly for Motor Vehicles

         1/88                4,721,329             Elastically Restoring Knee Bolster for Motor Vehicles



l        "Driver or Passenger Airbag Module Deployment Test Procedure,"
SAE Recommended Practice - SAE J1630, March 1995.

l        "Airbag Inflator Ballistic Tank Test Procedure,"
SAE Recommended Practice - SAE J2238, June 1994.


l        Over 50 Journal Papers, Technical Reports, and Formal Presentations

3.5       U.S. DOT / TSC – AWARDS

l        Certificate of Recognition for Original Scientific Contribution (9/79)

l        Director's Award for Outstanding Achievement (12/80)

l        Nominated for Arthur S. Flemming Award (2/82) (1 Nomination per Agency)
(Honoring Outstanding Young Professionals in Federal Service)


l        Graduated with Honors – Bronx High School of Science

l        Graduated 1st in the Dept of Aeronautics – NYU School of Engineering & Science

l        NYU Founders Award for Scholastic Excellence

l        Awarded Full Tuition Undergraduate & Graduate Fellowships